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Squatting all on it's own though was easily 90% of the work toward accomplishing double bodyweight, and like I said it's not something I ever thought about either.

I'm not a powerlifter, I almost never test "maxes", I just decided to on a whim in a local competition and found that I could do double bodyweight.

Once I started to focus on my eating my strength has shot up. Most I was doing was 275lbs and after about 2 weeks of constant eating and pushing myself in the gym I got ~290lbs (w/bands taking less than 20-25lbs off the lift, had 3 plates/ side for 315lbs I'm about 155lbs).

Once I hit a rep goal (usually 8, but there have been shorter periods of time where I stayed in an 8-12 rep range, or real heavy 3-6, and even a time when I squatted in a 12-15 range) then I would add 5-10lbs and continue on like that.

Point being, if someone WERE working toward that as a goal, AND eating enough food, AND training more consistently than I did as a teenager, I'm sure they could achieve this in less than the time it took me.

If I were going to give advice, it would be to eat a ton of protein every day and calories to grow on, and keep your training very simple.

Plus I am a basketball player and I only have 2 months of weight training experience.

Hey everybody, for those of you that can max out a 2x BW squat, I'm wondering how long it took you? Most of the time I just pyramided up over 3-5 sets to my heaviest weight for something like 4-8 reps for 1 or 2 sets.

Those first couple years were pretty inconsistent as far as full workouts and good eating goes, but I will say that I made it a point for a long time to squat at least once a week (and still do).

“Make sure your form is perfect with a regular two-leg squat and then move onto the single leg squat that requires you to stabilize your pelvis,” he said.

When your pelvis is stabilized, your entire body, gait and stride become more stable, too.

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