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This story appears to be set later than that, but because of the order listed on the Timeline must be before 1989, the date of "Wait it Out." This story is listed first on the Timeline. : "How the Heroes Die" -- Date specified on the Timeline in Tales of Known Space.

The date of Ringworld's Children is 2893, so Ringworld construction reportedly began more than (1,026,694 - 89,836 - 2893 =) ~933,965 B. Fortunately, more precise dating info was later provided: (b) Date specified on the timeline at the beginning of The Ringworld Throne (p. after 1975: "The Coldest Place" -- Date not specified, but the Timeline in Tales of Known Space starts with the year 1975 (the year that book was published).

Keeping in mind the story is told in first person by Gil, it may be that in remembering the date on the watch was off by a year, Gil's memory of what year it was became confused. According to the interstitial notes in Tales of Known Space, "The Kzinti had discovered and conquered Wunderland and were on their way to Earth...

2126: The Patchwork Girl -- "One hundred fifty-seven years after the first landing on the Earth's moon" (Flatlander, p 194). Sol held off the Kzinti by virtue of two accidents: the timely development of manned Bussard ramjets ('The Ethics of Madness')..." (p. (c) "Canon for the Man-Kzin Wars" specifically states, in the bibliography section: "'The Ethics of Madness' takes place before the First War with Men" (Scatterbrain, p. This is a much more recent publication than the Timeline in Tales of Known Space, and thus must supersede the date given there.

You may not know his name, but he's mega rich and mega famous in the outdoor furniture world.

= An unconfirmed date; one not related to any mention in a story, such as a date from the Timeline in Tales of Known Space, or the Ringworld Role-Playing Game. After much study of Slaver artifacts over centuries, presumably this is a more accurate dating than the estimate by Greenberg/Kzanol of "A billion years wouldn't be long enough. "We found worlds we might take, but our ambition was greater than that..." So they eventually found a sun with a single super-massive Jovian world, using that planet for material to construct Ringworld, and using much of its hydrogen "for fusion motors to spin up the ring" (Ringworld's Children, pp. One falan = 75 30-hour days, so 1 falan = 0.2566735 years. C.: First emigration wave of Pak protectors departs for Earth -- Truesdale's timeline specifies the dates of departure for the first and second waves of Pak protectors traveling towards Earth (Protector, p. Brennan-monster says "Something's happened to the galactic core.This story is somewhat episodic, and (aside from the opening) the first impression is it may span several months. 155), clearly referring to events in "The Defenseless Dead," so "ARM" must occur after that date.However, all references to previous events place all parts of the story two years after "Death by Ecstasy," so we suggest the story (other than the opening) spans only several weeks or a very few months. Furthermore, Gil says it had been two years after he first met Detective-Inspector Julio Ordaz (Flatlander, p.However, even though we disregard the date 2410 (which Gift indicates for itself), we note 300 years before 2410 would be 2110, which does support the following: (b) The Ringworld Roleplaying Game-- Explorer Book says Tau Ceti I was discovered by a ramrobot in 2061, the signal took 11.8 to reach Earth, and 29 years after launch the colony slowboat Planck arrived (p. Therefore the date is (2061 12 29 =) 2102, or possibly a few years later if they had to wait until the ship was built. 2113: "Intent to Deceive" -- Lucas Garner is 174 (Tales of Known Space, p. 2123: "Death by Ecstasy" -- The date "November 2, 2123" is specified (Flatlander, p. 2124-25: "The Defenseless Dead" -- The date "February 3, 2125" is specified (Flatlander, p. There is an earlier prologue where Gil visits the organ banks, after which he says "...eleven months later" (p.2106: World of Ptavvs -- (a) "In 2106 you learned not to hear extraneous noises..." (World of Ptavvs, p. (b) "Mankind's first meeting with extraterrestrial intelligence came in 2106-- although Kzanol..." (Tales of Known Space, p. 2112: "At the Bottom of a Hole" -- Dates are specified between "April 20, 2112" (Tales of Known Space, p. 75), so the opening of the story must occur during the previous year. 2126: "ARM" -- (a) Although the date is specified as "June 4, 2124" (Flatlander, p. (b) Gil says "I'm one of those people who blocked the second corpsicle law" (Flatlander, p.

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