Fossil dating east africa

The world must therefore balance the role of energy in social and economic development with the need to decarbonise, reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, and transition towards lower-carbon energy sources.

This entry presents the long-run and recent perspectives on coal, oil and gas - global and national production, consumption, reserves, prices and their consequences.

Asia Pacific now produces more than 70 percent of coal, up from around one-quarter in 1981.

Asia Pacific is the dominant coal consumer, accounting for nearly three-quarters of global consumption.Energy has played a strongly positive role in global change.However, fossil fuels also have negative impacts, being the dominant source of local air pollution and emitter of carbon dioxide (CO) and other greenhouse gases.This share is slightly larger than its share of coal production, suggesting it is a net importer.In contrast, Africa accounts for only 2.5 percent of consumption; less than its 4 percent of production, suggesting it is a net exporter.

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