My outlook inbox is not updating

That question references a variation from December that I attempted to answer. The emails are being processed in reverse order ' #### to allow this removal of an email from the Inbox without ' #### effecting the index numbers of unprocessed emails. Worksheets("Inbox") ' #### This code creates a dividing row and then ' #### outputs a property per row.

Only when I have successfully achieved this change would I attempt to write the extracted data to an existing workbook. The comments provide some help in eliminating uninteresting emails. Class = ol Mail Then ' Save selected properties to variables Received Time = . If I understand the question correctly, an interesting email will have . Item(Inx Item Crnt) ' A folder can contain several types of item: mail items, meeting items, ' contacts, etc. There is more that could be added but I think this is enough to start with. Count If Attach Count 0 Then Re Dim Attach Dtl(1 To 7, 1 To Attach Count) For Inx Attach = 1 To Attach Count ' There are four types of attachment: ' * ol By Value 1 ' * ol By Reference 4 ' * ol Embedded Item 5 ' * ol OLE 6 Select Case . Type Case ol By Value Attach Dtl(1, Inx Attach) = "Val" Case ol Embeddeditem Attach Dtl(1, Inx Attach) = "Ebd" Case ol By Reference Attach Dtl(1, Inx Attach) = "Ref" Case ol OLE Attach Dtl(1, Inx Attach) = "OLE" Case Else Attach Dtl(1, Inx Attach) = "Unk" End Select ' Not all types have all properties. Type Case ol Embeddeditem Attach Dtl(2, Inx Attach) = "" Case Else Attach Dtl(2, Inx Attach) = . The macro creates a new Excel workbook and outputs selected properties of every email in Inbox to create this worksheet: Near the top of the macro there is a comment containing eight hashes (#). This code handles ' those missing properties of which I am aware.

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