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Useful multilingual guides about moving to a number of specific European countries.

The site focuses on Americans going abroad, but others will find most of the articles useful too.

We may not have a permanent home but we have each other. AMB Cte d'Azur: Non-profit association that's an online guide and companion to the French Riviera and neighbouring regions. Insider's guide to Nice and the Riviera: Apartments, hotels, shopping, entertainment, general information on the Riviera. Sometimes, articles on shared sites are themselves infringing copyright, since the person who claims to be author and who put the article on the shared site simply copied a copyright protected page and edited it a bit. Resource for Americans and other native English speakers that would like to travel or live in France. In any case, junk sites that mainly thrive on promoting copied articles, legally or not, are not knowingly mentioned here.

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