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Another questionnaire asked the participants about their personalities, including their willingness to cooperate or exploit others.

Their ability to exploit others was measured by assessing how emotionally in tune, humble and honest they are.

Bullying may also be used to show their rivals in a bad light or threaten them into withdrawing from competition over a partner.

Mr Provenzano said: 'Our results suggest that both research and intervention efforts with older and younger adolescents need to recognize and respond to the relationships between personality, sex and bullying.' The findings were published in the journal Evolutionary Psychological Science.

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Researchers found dishonest, showy teenagers use bullying others to pursue their crushes, a study found.

Results reveal younger people who lack honesty and humility are more likely to use bullying to pursue sexual partners.

Mr Provenzano said: 'Our findings indirectly suggest that exploitative adolescents may have more sexual partners if they are able to strategically use exploitative behavior like bullying to target weaker individuals.'The researchers believe adolescents may use bullying as a technique to show their strength and dominance to attract their love interests.

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