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MINIMUM of 20 students required for choir to make/maximum of 50 allowed in choir.

DRAWING 101: Drawing is all about training your eye to see.

AGE: 12-14 COST: , includes all supplies PEN & INK: This course is for complete beginners who have some drawing experience but would like to learn pen & ink techniques and improve their skills in the use of this ancient art form.

There will be some art history thrown in to help you grasp all the ways you can use the “pen” and the “ink” to create these multi-dimensional pictures that are virtually black and white.

Santa will bring to the floor his love of hip hop and contemporary jazz and free style dance moves, and you can learn right along with him.

High intensity dancing, well-choreographed moves that you can easily pick up.

Kneaded Eraser Hard Edged Rectangular Eraser Bag for supplies with your name on it!

AGE: 12-14 COST: and you will need to bring these supplies: 9X12 or 11X14 drawing paper-90lb weight-12 sheets or more. For more information contact Sharla Sanders at 334.701.5261 or [email protected] Monday night classes offered are January 8-February 12 and include pm The Hustle and pm The Rueda.

CLASS TIME: - AGE: 9-14 COST: 9X12 or 11X14 drawing paper-90lb weight-12 sheets or more.

Can be in a spiral bound drawing pad, or individual sheets; Drawing Pencils_HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 2H and 4H. Fine Point Black Ink Permanent Marker (Like Uni-Ball Fine Point) but not a ballpoint pen.

We will teach you TO PAINT, not just copy the instructor.

Come learn the basics of color mixing, brushes and strokes, light and shadow, avoiding complicated detail, and building confidence.

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