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luckily winter lasts about 8 months here) I realized that Tabu most reminded me of Obsession... I'm still from that rural small town, so my purchases are almost always blind buys from ebay. I remember it was my first day of school;first grade to be exact,and I had missed the bus and she volunteered to take me.All I could smell on her and in her car was this scent.

Obsession by Calvin Klein is a Oriental Spicy fragrance for women. I have had people stop me in malls and various other stores asking me what perfume I am wearing. Spicy, sweet,warm,inviting, sensual and cosy scent. This could easily be the scent hor holidays and christmas! I haven't owned a bottle in years and recently picked one up. The opening is green and mossy and then the spices and smokiness start to develop. Plus 1 EDP and the Other Two SUPER Vintage "Cologne Spray" bottles with the Built In Sprayer... All The Way To EVE herself In The Garden of EDEN scented in the Fruit, Flowers, Incense and Spices of EDEN!When I was about 11 or 12--tall for my age, and able to wear my mother's tan trench coat in what was probably a hilarious display of attempted sophistication--I strolled into my local mall's department store, making a bee line towards the perfume counter.My equally awkward friend was examining CK One, which was hugely popular at the time. I was drenched in oriental for several days, trailing it like a truck hauling a huge boat through an adolescent weekend of malls, movies, and pizza joints.I have maybe 15 ml left of pre-reformulated / vintage Obsession, and also the new one (batch says: 2015).The contemporary version is a bit lighter and greener in the opening, the central stage of developent is a little less dark, the smoke is less thick and dense (but it is still very much here), and deep ambery-vanilla drydown is as strikingly beautiful as in the vintage version, maybe just a little more descrete.

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