Who is chris jenner dating

“I’m going to take a page out of Goldie and Kurt’s book, or Kourtney’s book,” she added.

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She married Bruce Jenner (now identified as Caitlyn Jenner) that same year and started managing the family franchise. In 2007, When Kris' parents divorced in 1962, her mother sold the family home in the Point Loma area of San Diego.De Generes quizzed the Keeping Up With Kardashians matriarch, 60, on whether she and the music tour manager, 36, who have been dating since 2014, would be walking down the aisle anytime soon.“You know, I’ve done that twice, and it didn’t work out so well,” said Jenner. You never know.” She went on to cite Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell as an example of a happily unmarried couple."The arrival of three babies should be an exciting time for the sisters," said the Kardashian insider."Instead, their love lives are all in tatters." But don't worry, mama Kris will be there for her girls.

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