Who is ijustine dating 2016

That was Evol8tion and our strategic approach and proprietary process known as Brand Match took care of the quality control issue, however what was truly needed was some kind of automated and intelligent approach that went way wider deeper whilst maintaining the "currency" imperative i.e.

recognizing the constant churn and revolving door associated with the startups (here today, gone tomorrow) A while back, we began to develop what we call Pipeline to do just that.

The Innovation Scout Pipeline will offer corporates the best of both worlds and becomes a pretty balanced equilibrium between "man" and "machine".“There is too much noise and clutter out there right now to help corporations find relevant connections.A manual, curated approach can only get you so far, however using automation and Machine Learning in tandem, a whole new set of possibilities emerge.The primary goal is to grow the pie and be the rising tide that floats all boats.That said, the "startup matchmaking" space is pretty crowded with a bunch of players with "database envy" as in "my database is bigger than yours." This, combined with too much bottom of the barrel scrapping (speed dating or what I would call the Tinderfication of Innovation) created the need for a velvet glove, human-based, curated approach.

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